Crown Now Offers Traffic Paint!

Crown USA, Inc: Elevating Road Safety with Traffic & Airport Paint Solutions

In 2022, Crown Technology LLC and Safety Coatings Inc. announce their merger and rebranding as Crown USA, Inc. United in our pursuit of excellence, we now offer an expanded range of products, including Hot Applied Thermoplastic, Preformed Thermoplastic, and the addition of Waterborne and Federal Specification Paint At Crown USA, Inc., we take pride in constantly enhancing our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers. We are delighted to offer paint products for airports and traffic markings in our product lineup. This addition reinforces our unwavering commitment to road and runway safety by providing a comprehensive suite of pavement marking solutions.

Our Waterborne and Federal Specification Paint is meticulously formulated for road and airport markings, ensuring exceptional visibility, remarkable durability, and strict adherence to industry standards. With Crown USA’s advanced Airport and Traffic Paint solutions, you can promote safety across roads, parking lots, taxiways and other high-traffic spaces. We look forward to addressing our customers; diverse needs while championing road safety initiatives.

We appreciate your continued support and trust in our products, and we are eager to assist you in creating safer and visible markings with our high-quality paint. Together, let’s build a better and safer future!