Visible Guidance and Durability…

Regulatory traffic markings offer essential guidance for drivers, ensuring safe navigation on the road. Adhering to FHWA and MUTCD guidelines, as well as local and state DOT specifications, markings on streets, highways, and interstates significantly reduce confusion, improve traffic flow, and help drivers anticipate upcoming changes in road conditions under various environmental conditions.

Crown USA’s Tuff-Mark® Preformed Thermoplastic Markings, including arrows and legends, clarify lane usage for turning, passing, or driving straight. Interstate and route shields applied to the pavement minimize confusion by designating specific lanes for through traffic or exit-only purposes. Glass beads embedded in pavement markings produce highly visible reflective markings for nighttime or low-visibility driving, aiding drivers in seeing the road ahead and maintaining their appropriate lanes.

Crown USA’s Tuff-Line® Thermoplastic serves as an excellent choice for traditional long-line applications and legends to create durable centerlines and edge lines—crucial components for our road infrastructure. Waterborne paints provide a cost-effective alternative for traffic markings. Utilizing Crown USA’s UFO® as an addition to our long-line hot-applied thermoplastic enhances audible and wet-night visibility.

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