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Discover the fantastic range of pavement marking products and tools that Crown USA has to offer, ensuring excellent results for your pavement marking needs! With a strong reputation for high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Crown is committed to providing value and expertise to your business. Explore the array of other products we provide, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information to learn how these products can benefit your next job.

SealBarr ® – Crown’s Thermoplastic Primer/ Sealer that creates an excellent moisture barrier.   Seal Bar® can be easily sprayed to form a reliable bond with hot melt thermoplastic.

Loop Guard ® – Crown’s Single-component polymer sealer for traffic signal loops offers an economical solution compared to many other loop sealants. This one-component system simplifies the application process. After application, just throw sand in the loop slot and go home!

Athletic Field Marking Paint – Score a touchdown with Crown’s Athletic Field Marking Paint. Offered in an extensive variety of colors, it’s perfect for all your sports field lines and team emblem needs.

Sealers – Crown offers multiple sealers to help prep your challenging surfaces and create a long-lasting bond. From old asphalt to concrete, reach out to us to learn more about the how and when to use sealer with Crown’s marking materials for proper applications and long-lasting bonds.

Reflective Beads – Reach out Crown USA to learn more about how we can help with specific reflective bead needs for your pavement markings.

Tools – Crown also offers Thermo Boxes, Mil Thickness Gauges and Propane Torches to help complete your marking jobs the right way!  Reach out for more info!