Highly Visible and Guiding…

Pavement markings are an important part of airport operations, as they provide guidance and information to pilots, airport personnel, and travelers. Using Crown USA’s pavement markings materials at the airport will enhance the experience and navigation on airport tarmacs, taxiways and runways.

Apply “landside” Wayfinding Pavement Markings using Crown’s Tuff-Mark® Preformed Thermoplastic to create ease navigating outside the airport safe and quickly, with arrows, visible crosswalks and other symbols to further reinforce directional information.   These Landside markings create visual cues, guiding motorist and pedestrians to terminals, loading zones, shuttles, parking and navigating surrounding streets.

Using Crown USA’s hi-performance Federal Specification TT-P-1952F Paint “Airside” for Pavement markings on runways is critical for safe and efficient aircraft operations. They guide pilots during takeoff, landing, and taxiing by providing visual cues such as centerlines, thresholds, and taxiways. Different markings have unique meanings, such as the centerline indicating the exact center of the runway and threshold markings denoting the start of the runway. Other runway marking applications include touchdown zone, holding position, and taxiway markings.

Issues with poor visibility due to Algae and Stains on runway markings can be prevented by using Crown USA’s Specialty Modification additive, available for Fed Spec Paints Type I, II, and III.  Highly visible markings are essential for efficient airport operations.

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