Vibrant Colors and Friction Enhanced…

Pavement markings provide a safe, dedicated and visible space for pedestrians and bicyclists on the roadway.  Pavement markings are used to create a safer and more organized environment for riders and other road users by delineating bike lanes, indicating where to position or yield, marking potential hazards, and providing directional information.

When it comes to using pavement marking products to reduce the risk of accidents and enhance user experience on roads and pathways for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, there are several options to consider. Using vibrant colors and anti-skid materials enhance pavement markings in these areas.  Here are a few ways to improve safety for vulnerable users with Crown USA’s pavement marking materials:

– Applying Highly visible crosswalk markings is a great way to make crosswalks more visible and easily identifiable for pedestrians and motorists.  These markings are typically applied using Crown USA’s Tuff-Mark® Preformed Thermoplastic, Intersection Grade Thermoplastics® or High-build Traffic Paints.

-Shared lane markings (or “sharrows”) help indicate a shared lane for both cyclists and motorists. They typically feature a bicycle symbol and may include arrows indicating the direction of travel. Crown USA’s Tuff-Mark® with Tuff- Grip® Preformed Thermoplastic make the application for these markings easy.  Sharrows help to remind drivers to share the road with cyclists and encourage cyclists to ride in a predictable manner.

-Bicycle boxes are normally applied in a Bike Lane Green color in areas at intersections that providing designated space for cyclists to wait in front of motor vehicles at a traffic lights. This helps to improve visibility for both cyclists and motorists and can reduce the likelihood of right-hook collisions.  These Bike Lane Green markings can be applied using Crown USA’s Tuff-Mark® with Tuff-Grip® Preformed Thermoplastic Materials or Traffic Paints.

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