Crown USA’s mission is to make our roads safer by providing innovative and superior pavement marking products that are accessible to everyone from small communities to large cities. Our customer-centric approach ensures that we stay connected to our customers and their needs, while our dedication to quality and innovation drives us to deliver products that exceed expectations. Together, we’re creating safer roads ahead, one mile at a time.

Crown was founded in 1994 by founders Donald Peek, an owner of a successful pavement marking company in Columbus, GA and his partner, Louis McCosh Their extensive knowledge in the thermoplastic marking materials field was a valuable asset in producing top-quality thermoplastic. This led to a successful company that attributes its commitment to providing unparalleled service and high-quality products that exceed customer expectations, a philosophy that is deeply ingrained in Crown’s culture.

To better support the demands of our customers, in 2021 Crown Technology LLC. and Safety Coatings Inc. merged to create Crown USA, Inc. This merge expanded Crown’s line of pavement marking materials to include Traffic and Airport Paint alongside the Granular Thermoplastic and Preformed Thermoplastic materials.

The pavement marking industry is rapidly evolving to prioritize the safety of all users, and Crown USA takes pride in being a consistent presence in the markets it serves. Despite the uncertainties that come with change in the marketplace, Crown USA has maintained its strength and stability. Our emphasis on Research & Development plus over 50 years of experience in our Quality Control department has allowed Crown USA to provide the industry with innovative, high-quality materials to meet the demands of the expanding and ever-changing market. Customers and employees alike have confidence in Crown USA’s “homegrown” roots and trusted brands.

Today, Crown USA is proud of its heritage and the fact that it is America’s largest privately owned and family-run pavement marking materials manufacturing company. Looking towards the future, Crown is equally enthusiastic and committed to providing exceptional service and high-quality products, which has helped establish a third-generation, American-owned success story.

At Crown USA, we are committed to contributing towards the creation of safer roads ahead by offering superior products when you want it, where you want it!