Federal Specification Paint

The basics…

Discover Crown USA’s Safety Coatings brand, Low VOC Federal Specification Paint. Crown’s Federal Specification Paint offers a variety of colors, durability, and drying times that comply with both federal requirements. Choose from our high build, quick-drying, low-temperature, algae-resistant, stain-resistant, and airfield marking paint products – all crafted with our superior quality control standards in mind.

Unlock the versatility of Crown’s Federal Specification paint products for various applications such as Airfields, Streets & Highways, Warehouses, Parking Decks, and Parking Lots when using the correct specification.

Type I – Standard Dry

  • Low VOC Formula
  • Non-flammable, Non-bleeding
  • Lead and chromate free
  • Recommended for seal coated surfaces, airfields, and highways

Type II – Fast Dry

  • Excellent glass bead retention
  • Will dry under high humidity conditions
  • Recommended for seal coated surfaces, airfields, and highways

Type III – High Build

  • Excellent initial and long-term retro reflectivity (works best with big beads)
  • Can be applied with standard waterborne striping equipment with no modifications
  • Can be applied at films up to 30 mils wet without cracking
  • Excellent for crosswalks and legend markings

Crown also offers an Algae Resistant and Stain Resistant additives that are built into the paint formulation as a no mix, one part product. Paint can be formulated for either resistance or combined (both algae and stain resistance)

Learn More…

Crown stands behind the products we manufacture and is known for superior customer service.  Let us show you how we can bring savings and expertise to your business.  Please review Video, Brochure, SDS, and Application Instructions to learn more about our Federal Specification Paint or contact us directly to learn more about our products and service.

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